Fine Artist & Car Illustration

John Mills’ artwork appeared on the History Channel’s AMERICAN PICKERS, “Desert Gold Rush” Season 21, Episode 21. Mike Wolfe and Robbie Wolfe discover John’s extensive art career as a ‘car man’ illustrator to his fine art paintings with John’s son, David Vincent Mills.


Marilyn – Acrylic Painting

Boattail Auburn

Boattail Auburn – Acrylic

Jazz Musicians

Acrylic Paintings

Chevy Car Catalog

Advertisement Illustration


Open Editions Now Available!

We are happy to now offer smaller, Open Edition fine art prints at budget-friendly pricing for the two more popular paintings: “Boattail Auburn” and “Grandpa.” These prints are cropped to a standardized size, ready for “off the rack” mats and frames that you can find at any framing supply retailer. Or you can still get custom framing if you’d like. We kept sizing in mind for those with limited wall space who still wanted a print!

Click here if you are looking for LIMITED Edition prints.

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American Pickers Special!

Model A Prints for sale! 1 print for $29.95, or 2 prints for $49.95!

These car art prints were artist-proofed by John Mills himself in 1968. There is a limited amount of each car print and will not be produced again!

They are in excellent condition, considering they are 52 years old!

If you love vintage cars, this is a great option so you can have an affordable piece of John’s work in your art collection.

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Note from David:

    It warms my heart that so many new people are now fans of his. This is a dream come true to see his passion for art reaching all of you.
    The response from the American Pickers show has been amazing and also overwhelming (in a good way).
    I didn’t expect to begin a full-time business due to the high-volume of interest!
    I am working as fast as I can to upload photos of the extensive artwork collection and also create museum-quality prints of many of the popular paintings.
    And very soon, I will have an easy way to purchase our items via the website.
    Join my newsletter, and I’ll keep you in the loop with our latest news and freshly uncovered treasures.

    If you have a specific item you would like, please feel free to contact via email below.

   Thank you for your patience as my wife and I finish cataloging all his artwork!

– David Vincent Mills